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DeZhuang Signature Soup Base

Did you know people who like spicy foods are more likely to be a adventures?

牛油麻辣 + 松茸德庄汤

 Red Oil & Matsutake DeZhuang Soup Pot

青一色 + 松茸德庄汤

Pure Green & Matsutake DeZhuang Soup Pot

牛油麻辣 + 青一色 + 松茸德庄汤 + 番茄风味

Red Oil & Pure Green & Matsutake DeZhuang Soup & Tomato

Other Perfectly Soup Base

Besides our Signature Soup Base

all our soup base are also made from real, fresh ingredients to ensure authenticity instead of MSG packed cubes

牛油麻辣风味锅 Red Oil Hot Pot

番茄风味锅 Tomato Soup Pot

松茸德庄汤 Matsutake Dezhuang Soup Pot

酸菜风味锅 Sauerkraut Soup Pot

青一色风味锅 Pure Green Flavor Pot

清油麻辣风味锅 Spicy Hot Pot

养颜海鱼汤 Sea Fish Soup Pot

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