— Philosophy —

Relaxing Environment

Musical House sense of style on renovation with Jazz as main music sensation combining with traditional healthy Chinese cuisines, we encourage fellow Malaysians to slow down their footsteps and take more time to pamper themselves with friends and family for a simple yet healthy meal.

Healthy Food Ingredients

All food ingredients are carefully examine and handpicked to ensure the best quality for serving. We prioritize fresh and organic food to offer you the healthiest way of consuming food.


We offer quality services with integrity, providing a more intimate service to consumers. Customer is king, and we will realize this very fact to your sensation.

Enjoying Every Moment

Take time to enjoy life, slow down your hectic schedule and taste every meal with your soul, pamper yourself, it’s a blessing!


We offer a range of delicacies throughout the day, light refreshment in the evening, signature Coconut Chicken hotpot as well as some light beers session at night.

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