— Brand Story —

In over 900+ restaurants around the world, DeZhuang uses the arts of delicious food to promote the unique charm of the ChongQing Food Culture to the world.
DeZhuang Hot pot begins so many No.1 in the industry and it greatly pushes the development of Chongqing hotpot.
Dezhuang is the first hot pot restaurant company in the industry which is certified to ISO.
Dezhuang was the first to build a modern production line for hot pot seasoning.
“De” means only materials of high quality chosen here. “德”是我只选好料.
“De” means persistence of the quality.
“De”means to share with others.

In order to control the quality better. The pepper we use is from our pepper base in ShiZhu. Not only its indicators of color and fragrance are tested, but it trace elements calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and other elements will have strict requirements.

In 2020, Dezhuang Hot pot officially entered the Southeast Asian market. The first Dezhuang Hot pot in Southeast Asia will meet all food lovers in Kuala Lumpur. This will be Dezhuang Ho pot’s 912th restaurant in the world. We will give hot pot lovers a different food experience。

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